February 2014

Lydia Ludic donates sticks to an association for the blind

The company Lydia Ludic is adamant of the social policy established by its founders Messrs. Perez and Cauro, therefore being regularly in charge of social projects benefiting local populations. Last February, the Leisure and Gaming company donated white sticks to people with sight deficiencies, most of them being entirely blind.

Lydia Ludic Togo was fully aware of the utility of sticks to blind people and didn’t wait a second to grant the association Useful Actions for the Blinds (UAB) 30 sticks when they most needed it. Through the gesture, Lydia Ludic hopes it will allow them to move around with more ease and to gain certain independence, which is a real issue for them.

Useful Actions for the Blinds (UAB) is an association created in 2008 with the aim of asserting the rights of visually handicapped people to have an accessible environment. There are currently 50 members of the association located in Lomé, Togo.

All the photos of the sticks-giving ceremony are available on Lydia Ludic Facebook Page.

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