May 2014

Hoy Es Marketing: Grupo Pefaco attends a major industry event

ESIC Business & Marketing School is celebrates this year their 11th edition of Hoy Es Marketing, one of the most important Spanish gatherings of marketing professionals in Spain.

The event mainly focuses on Marketing, Communication and Digital Economy, for which reputed professionals share their own experiences, in order to define future expectations of the industry, as well as key solutions for innovation and success.

Together with more than 2000 other professionals, Grupo Pefaco attended the event Hoy Es Marketing 2014 à Barcelona, whose theme was “The big challenges of marketing and communication in a global context: Challenges and Opportunities”. Industry experts, such as Jean-Marc Colanesi (Marketing and Communication Professor at ESIC), Juan José Peso-Viñals (Partner of Daemon Quest by Deloitte), David Muntañola (Commercial and Marketing Director of Grupo Correos), Eduard Prats (General Manager of ESIC Barcelona) or Miguel Vicente (Founder of Let’sBonus), came to the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya to share their ideas and point of view about the challenges and opportunities of the future.

The meeting was streamed on Twitter, under the hashtag #HEMESIC.

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Lydia Ludic Niger welcomes a new General Manager

Grupo Pefaco is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jean-Pierre Chauvignac as General Manager of Lydia Ludic Niger.

Lydia Ludic Niger is a subsidiary of Grupo Pefaco funded in 2004 in Niamey. Lydia Ludic Niger is present in 8 cities of the country (Agadez, Arlit, Dosso, Gaya, Konni, Maradi, Niamey and Zinder) and currently employs 188 people.

Grupo Pefaco is a holding funded in 1995 by Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro. It is present in 10 countries and employs more than 3000 people.

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Lydia Ludic sponsored the closing ceremony of USSU-BF

The closing ceremony of the Union of Sports in Schools and Universities of Burkina Faso (USSU-BF) took place on the 25th of April 2014 in Ouagadougou. USSU-BF organizes sports competitions in Burkina Faso.

In December 2013, Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso sponsored the opening ceremony of the USSU-BF 2013-2014 season in Dori. Hence, it felt natural to the subsidiary of Grupo Pefaco to sponsor the closing ceremony of the season.

By promoting youth extracurricular sport programs, Lydia Ludic is adamant of the social policy established by its founders, Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro, of getting involved in the development of local communities.

All the photos of the closing ceremony are available on the Lydia Ludic and USSU-BF Facebook pages.

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