Grupo Pefaco attends the Togo-Spain summit

Réunion de développement économique entre le Togo et l’Espagne

On Wednesday 16th of July, the Palacio of Viana in Madrid hosted the official meeting between Togo and Spain to boost their respective economies and develop new projects together. Both countries were represented by their Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Togolese Robert Dussey and the Spaniard José Manuel García-Margallo, who discussed common strategic development lines, to strengthen the bonds between their governments.

To promote cooperation between both countries and contribute to the build-up of business opportunities for Spanish companies in Togo, Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro sent a representative of Grupo Pefaco to attend the meeting organized by the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The event was a success for the professionals and experts from private and public sectors present at the summit. Milestones of numerous projects between Togo and Spain were set and praised by the press of both countries (,,, IciLomé.com, etc.).

Grupo Pefaco’s headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain, and is present in Togo through its Gaming & Leisure brand, Lydia Ludic, established in the country since 1997, and through its hospitality brand, Pefaco Hotels, currently building the Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5* on the seaside of Lomé.

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