Grupo Pefaco attends Investur Ivory Coast in Barcelona

Réunion Investur Côte d’Ivoire Barcelone

On Monday February 2nd, the Foment del Treball Nacional in Barcelona hosted the official Investur Ivory Coast meeting, organized by the Consulate of Ivory Coast under the theme “Business and Investment Opportunities in Ivory Coast”, to boost the economies of Spain and Ivory Coast by developing new projects together.

Amongst authorities who attended the event were: his Excellency Charles Darius Atchimon Ake, Ambassador of Ivory Coast, Mr. Andrés Carasso Vendrell, Consul of Ivory Coast and Mr. Jean-Marie Somet, General Director of the Office of Tourism of Ivory Coast.

The meeting aimed at strengthening the bonds between both countries and promoting cooperation between them. It contributes to the creation of business opportunities for Spanish companies in Ivory Coast, which attended the meeting in great numbers. The event was a success for the professionals and experts from private and public sectors present and milestones of numerous projects between Ivory Coast and Spain were set.

Francis PEREZ and Olivier CAURO sent a representative of Grupo Pefaco to attend the meeting. Grupo Pefaco’s headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain. The Group is present in Ivory Coast since 1997 through its Gaming & Leisure division, Lydia Ludic, and currently employs more than 600 people.

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