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The 1st edition of « The Fight Night » by Lydia Ludic Togo: a success!

Lydia Ludic Togo has proudly developed a project that came to light on the 30th of May. The project consists in organizing a previously unseen sports event in Togo: a Muay Thai competition, which will hopefully become recognized in the country over time.

Boxers from various categories competed for the honor and the rewards: under fifteens, Togolese fighters and for the grand finale two international champions met. The boxing matches took place in the Grand-Rex, in Lome. The room was specially decorated for the occasion with a boxing ring and seats to host the 400 spectators.

Representatives from the Ministry of Sports attended the event, as well as the president of the Muay Thai Federation of Ivory Coast Kroo Bella Arthur and the former Minister of Sports Horatio Freitas. In order to provide for any possible contingencies, Lydia Ludic hired the services of a kickboxing coach, a sports and physical trainer, a doctor, a referee, judges and the various boxers. Lydia Ludic also provided the prize of the competition, personally awarded by Alexandre Qader, General Director of the Leisure & Gaming Company. The boxers were all pleased to be congratulated with discount vouchers, certificates, bonuses and for the best of them trophies and checks.

Togolese boxers were competing for the first competition of the night, at the end of which only one was standing: the remarkable Malick Sarouna. The boxing match between the famous “Aragone” from Ivory Coast (Idrissa Coulibaly) and “Force Tranquille“ from Togo (Dimitri Ayao Sossoukin) was the most expected event of The Fight Night. The spectators had their money’s worth as they witnessed a spectacular fight between two heavyweights of the discipline. The experience of the Ivorian boxer in international competitions gave him an edge over his opponent, who eventually surrendered during the second round.

Lydia Ludic Togo is a subsidiary of Grupo Pefaco funded in 1997 in Lome. Lydia Ludic Togo is present in 20 cities of the country and currently employs 423 people.

Previously unseen in Togo, the sports event got the attention of the French speaking media, amongst which was Afriquinfos, AfreePress and SavoirNews. By trying to enroll Muay Thai in the list of recognized and practiced sports in Togo, Lydia Ludic sets an objective in perfect harmony with the commitment established by its founders Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro: to get involved in the development of local communities.

More pictures of The Fight Night are available on the official Facebook page of Lydia Ludic.

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Lydia Ludic sponsored the closing ceremony of USSU-BF

The closing ceremony of the Union of Sports in Schools and Universities of Burkina Faso (USSU-BF) took place on the 25th of April 2014 in Ouagadougou. USSU-BF organizes sports competitions in Burkina Faso.

In December 2013, Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso sponsored the opening ceremony of the USSU-BF 2013-2014 season in Dori. Hence, it felt natural to the subsidiary of Grupo Pefaco to sponsor the closing ceremony of the season.

By promoting youth extracurricular sport programs, Lydia Ludic is adamant of the social policy established by its founders, Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro, of getting involved in the development of local communities.

All the photos of the closing ceremony are available on the Lydia Ludic and USSU-BF Facebook pages.

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