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Lydia Ludic employees set an exemplary model

On March 5th, Lydia Ludic agents went into action for a blood donation. Lydia Ludic has been consecrated with a remarkable example: Francis Perez, the President of Grupo Pefaco, the parent company of Lydia Ludic, upon its founding in 1995, was determined about the social aspects of the company.

In an interview granted to an online African newspaper, Afriquinfos, he conveys his commitment: “We transmit our work ethic and moral values to our subsidiaries, with the aim of taking part in the development of local communities, through various social, environmental and cultural projects”. Based on this ground it is not surprising to see the employees of the company follow their President’s example and contribute to the company’s dedication.

Early March, the subsidiary Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso sponsored a blood drive – organized by the association SOS Sang – in Ouagadougou, and all naturally the majority of the employees donated their blood on this day.

An exemplary role model set by company managers plays an important part in the employees’ mentality. Such spirit and actions have a strong impact on a company’s external and internal environment, as Grupo Pefaco has proven over time. To see more photos of the blood drive, click here.

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