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Social project: building a preschool center – Part 2

The project has gotten off to a good start. It followed up with the agreement between the parties and took a turning point last week.

Lydia Ludic, France Volontaires and Enfants & Développement gathered last Tuesday (January 28th) in Dar Salam (near Ouagadougou) to set the first stone of what is planned to become a wonderful preschool that will help families cope with childhood poverty. Many people attended the moving ceremony, as a lot of expectations arose from the social project. As a thank you gesture to Lydia Ludic‘s involvement in the project, General Manager Mr. Pierre-Michel Pons was honored with the laying of the first stone (picture).

Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso is a subsidiary of Grupo Pefaco that proudly organizes social and cultural projects on a regular basis to help the local communities develop themselves and grow stronger. Committed to its founders’ vision, Messrs. Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro, Lydia Ludic cares about the impact it has on its direct environment.

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Social project: building a preschool center – Part 1

A month ago, Mr. Pierre-Michel Pons, General Manager of Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso, was invited to the Voluntary Work Day in the French Institute of Ouagadougou as a guest of honor to convey the commitment to social projects of Lydia Ludic.

Following the event, Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso, a subsidiary of Grupo Pefaco, decided to take part in the financing of a social project. Many projects were assessed within the following weeks, until on November 19th, the jury (including Mr. Pons amongst others) eventually selected a social project.

Damien Delahaye, volunteer at Solidarités International and responsible of the project of “building a preschool center in an underprivileged area of Ouagadougou” with the association Enfants & Développement, was the one who got the grant from France Volontaires and Lydia Ludic.

The parties sealed the final agreement in Koubri, a town nearby Ouagadougou, binding them to the development and the achievement of the project. Through this gesture, Lydia Ludic Burkina Faso confirms its commitment to the social policy of its founders, Messrs. Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro.

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