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Grupo Pefaco: 20 years with its employees · May Jackpot Salary

As part of the 20th anniversary of Grupo Pefaco in 2015, the Group wants to celebrate the occasion and share the event with its employees, customers and partners.

For this, global actions at all subsidiaries will be scheduled throughout the year 2015. Among its actions, the “Jackpot Salary“: a Group employee will be drawn on a monthly basis and will receive a double pay.

The winner of the 5th Jackpot Salary is Tchaa-Abalo LANTO, entertainer of the Leisure & Gaming Spaces at Lydia Ludic Togo. He has a baccalaureate A and on the 1st of October 2014 he officially started working with Lydia Ludic Togo. After taking part in Lydia Ludic’s training sessions, he joined the team at the Gaming Hall in Kara. Tchaa-Abalo LANTO was born in Assoukoko, in the Centre of Togo. He is 28 and married.

Grupo Pefaco is present in Togo since 1997 through its subsidiary Lydia Ludic SARL and employs more than 400 people in 20 cities, under the supervision of General Director Alexandre QADER.

Grupo Pefaco was created in 1995 by Francis PEREZ and Olivier CAURO, President and CEO. With its many years of experience and thanks to its team of over 3000 employees, Grupo Pefaco has the ambition to be among the leaders in its markets.

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