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Sustainable Energy consumption – Grupo Pefaco launches its environmental campaign

Grupo Pefaco has just launched « BET ON GREEN, SURE WIN », its environmental awareness campaign aimed at its employees to challenge energy wasting in all its subsidiaries.

The environmental campaign is a set of good practices to remind our teams of the basics in using water, electricity and air conditioning at work, passing on the environmental values that define the Group.

Workshops will be set up to raise awareness about environmental responsibility, to encourage everyone to participate in this initiative. The educational lever relies on motivating healthy habits, so as to optimize the overall energy consumption and have a positive impact on the environment.

Through its awareness campaignGrupo Pefaco and its founders, Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro, wish to contribute to changing mindsets for a better management of energy consumption, cornerstone of any sustainable economical development.

Hereafter the environmental values conveyed by Grupo Pefaco:

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Pefaco Hotels sponsors the participation of artists at the 2016 Dak’Art Biennial

Pefaco Hotels made a donation to a Congolese & Cameroonian artists’ collective for their participation at the 2016 Biennial of Contemporary African Art in Dakar (Dak’Art) in Senegal. Dak’Art is one of the main art shows of the African continent. The 12th edition of Dak’Art took place from the 3rd of May to the 2nd of June 2016 and was inspired by the theme: “The City in the Blue Daylight” (La Cité dans le jour bleu).

Bill Kouélany, at the head of the workshop les Ateliers SAHM, invited Pefaco Hotels to take part in her project: the plastic artist gathered the Congo-Brazzaville, the Congo-Kinshasa and Cameroonian artists for the second time, in a project entitled: Congo(s) ; sharing aesthetics beyond geographies, aiming at promoting these young artists at an international level.

The artists from Les Ateliers SAHM participating in Dak’Art 2016 are the following:

  • Artmel MOUY, painter (Brazzaville – Congo)
  • Francis KODIA, photographer (Brazzaville – Congo)
  • Jordy KISSY MOUSSA, artist (Brazzaville – Congo)
  • Ruth BELINGA, critic/artist (Yaoundé – Cameroun)
  • David NKOT, protean plastic artist (Duala – Cameroon)
  • Yvon Léolein NGASSAM TCHATCHOUA, videographer & photographer (Yaoundé – Cameroon)
  • Landry MBASSI, plastic artist, photographer, set designer and exhibition independent auditor (Yaoundé ; Cameroon)
  • Pierre-Manau NGOULA, cinema & audiovisual media (Congo – France)
  • Patsheli Kahambo KITENGE, artist (Kinshasa – Democratic Congo)
  • VAN ANDREA, painter/graffiti artist (Brazzaville – Congo)
  • Ori Huchi KOZIA, film director & videographer (Brazzaville-Congo)
  • Paul Alden M’VOUT, plastic artist & graphic designer (Brazzaville – Congo)

Les Ateliers SAHM is a center for art, research & knowledge sharing. Its goal is to contribute to the improvement of the working conditions of the artists and sharpen their creativity, while offering them a place and tools to work in a suitable environment.

Through this partnership, Pefaco Hotels wishes to contribute to the dynamism of the Congo and favorably influence its prodigies. Dak’Art is the African biggest art show and represents the perfect platform for a growing artist.

Pefaco Hotels, Hospitality subsidiary of the Grupo Pefaco, designs, finances, builds and operates luxury hotel complexes in Central and Western Africa Centrale. Pefaco Hotels currently boasts four hotel complexes: two operational, in the Republic of the Congo (Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, in Oyo, and Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5*, in Brazzaville) and two other complexes under development, Pefaco Hotel Prestige Brazzaville 5* (Republic of the Congo) and Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5* (Republic of Togo).

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