Solidarity – Grupo Pefaco collects plastic caps to help children in need

Tapones Solidarios – Grupo Pefaco ayuda a colectar tapones para los niños enfermos

Grupo Pefaco joined the campaign Caps for a new life of Fundación SEUR, the foundation of the Spanish logistics company, which helps better the life of underprivileged or marginalised children. The campaign aims at collecting plastic bottle caps to donate them to recycling companies where they are exchanged for money. The money raised is destined to helping children with health problems.

Grupo Pefaco relies on your help to help collect plastic bottle caps for a positive impact on the life of the less fortunate.

Grupo Pefaco’s Campaign Solidarity Plastic Caps 

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  1. Employé
    August 5, 2016 - Reply

    La campagne marche super bien, même les femmes de ménages nous ramènent tous les bouchons !

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