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Grupo Pefaco is a Spanish holding with a capital of 52 million euros. The company headquarters are established in Barcelona, Spain. Grupo Pefaco was founded in 1995 by Francis PEREZ and OIivier CAURO, respectively President and General Director of the company.

The fields, in which the Group operates, are Leisure & Gaming and Hospitality. Thanks to its extensive experience and its exceptional team, with more than 5 000 collaborators, Grupo Pefaco has the ambition to be amongst the market leaders in its fields.


1995 Creation of Grupo Pefaco. Beginning of its activities in Brazil.
1997 Beginning of its activities in Togo.
1998 Expansion in Brazil with the acquisition of local gaming companies. Establishment of the headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

1999 Beginning of its activities in Nicaragua and Benin.
2001 Beginning of its activities in Burundi.
2002 Beginning of its activities in Burkina Faso.
2004 Beginning of its activities in Niger.

2006 Beginning of its activities in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sale of its activities in Brazil.

2007 Beginning of its activities in Paraguay.

2008 Sale of its activities in Nicaragua.
2009 Creation of Pefaco West Africa (PWA) and Pefaco Hotels. Beginning of its activities in the Ivory Coast.
2010 Creation of Investments Cofip 2010.
2012 Launching of the African Poker Tour in Togo and Burundi. Launching of Sports4Africa in Burundi. Creation of Satall Industries.

2013 Opening of Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5* in Oyo, Republic of the Congo.

2014 PWA transfers its headquarters to Malta and renames itself Pefaco International PLCPefaco International is raising equity to accelerate its international development.

2015 Opening of Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. Beginning of its activities in Rwanda.

2016 Beginning of its activities in Nigeria. Launching of instnat Keno in Ivory Coast & Nigeria. Launching of virtual sports betting in Ivory Coast.

2017 Negotiating a gaming license on Mozambique. 

2018 creation of new gaming spaces in 3 countries (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast & Nigeria).

2019 Expansion in Burkina Faso & Togo with the acquisition of new slots machines. 

2020 creation of new gaming spaces in 2 countries (Benin & Paraguay).

2021 Beginning of its activities in Liberia. Modernization of the slot machine park. 

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