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First edition of LYDIA LUDIC TALENTS


April 2021 marked the beginning of something big in West Africa. Thanks to the sponsorship of Mr. Francis Perez,  President of Grupo Pefaco, the first edition of “LYDIA LUDIC TALENTS” has started.



“LYDIA LUDIC TALENTS” is an event which aims to promote African artistic culture. For the first edition, the painters are in the spotlight.


The challenge is as follows: Paint a canvas in the format 50cmx 50cm on the theme of the Jackpot. The first (public vote by likes and the jury) will be rewarded with a prize of up to 1,000,000 FCFA.


In order to offer even more visibility to all these artists, the organization of the event has set up a Painter / Journalist (or influencer) pair system.


In a very short time, the first works were born, and the least that can be said is that the results are breathtaking.

So judge by yourself:

Peinture 1.jpeg
Peinture 2.jpeg
Peinture 4.jpeg

Each artist, with their own vision of the Jackpot, has brought a work of art to life.


Once again Francis Perez shows us that for him words are only valid when accompanied by actions.

The entrepreneur has already shown his willingness to extend “LYDIA LUDIC TALENTS” with other editions to offer this chance to all art sectors.

A demonstration of philanthropy which over time has become a real trademark.

Find out all the artworks in the gallery

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